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Radiohead - OK Computer - Variant By Carl Glover from Carl Glover at art republic Free Worldwide Shipping
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Radiohead - OK Computer - Variant By Carl Glover

Photographer and graphic artist Carl Glover is one of the leading figures in music industry artwork: with over 25 years experience, Glover has been behind album covers for the greats, from Led Zeppelin to The Rolling Stones - in other words, music prints don't get better than this. His poster work for Classic Album Sundays has been released in a series of limited edition screen prints that promise to be cult classics in the making. 'Radiohead - OK Computer - Variant' depicts a man wearing a gas mask, boiler suit, and American army helmet, standing against a backdrop of tall, industrial towers. Glover has washed the print in graduating tones of orange, fading from soft peach, all the way to inky black. It's bold, brash and inescapably cool: a must have for the Radiohead fan, the retro music collector, and anyone with a keen eye for the iconic.

Boys of Summer By Richard Denne from Richard Denne at art republic Free Worldwide Shipping
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Boys of Summer By Richard Denne

Bright based artist Richard Denne describes himself not as a painter, but as an architect. Building his brightly coloured, and often geometrically sensitive artworks from a blend of traditional and digital techniques, paint and printmaking processes, merging the figurative with the abstract, Denne's sexually attuned pieces are truly unique and breathtakingly beautiful. 'Boys of Summer' uses a mash-up of patterns and colours, shapes and styles, to create a dreamy vista, where the titular boys bathe in crystal clear waters, surrounded by tall palm trees, and rolling green lawns. Cherry-red sits against grass-green and sky-blue for a bold palette with strong visual impact, capturing the hazy heat of a summer's evening with stunning artistic clarity.

BISOUS By Sara Pope from Sara Pope at art republic Free Worldwide Shipping
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BISOUS By Sara Pope

Sara Pope is a contemporary British artist, known for her seductive paintings of bold and beautiful lips. With a background in the world of haute couture fashion, and a day job as a high profile shoe designer, it's no surprise that Pope's prints are so saturated with style and glamour. Pink, pouty and perfect, Pope's lip prints, with their high gloss sheen and signature drips of running paint, are nothing short of iconic. 'BISOUS' is a departure from Pope's classic image, depicting not the lips themselves, but their tantalising trace, as puckered pigments crowd the print in shades of cherry red, auburn, hot-pink, and burnt-orange. Playful and provocative, 'BISOUS' is full of visual allure, beautifully musing on the nature of beauty and celebrity in contemporary culture. HURRY HURRY - ONLY ONE AP AND ONE PP LEFT IN STOCK

Natural Highs II By Maria Rivans from Maria Rivans at art republic Free Worldwide Shipping
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Natural Highs II By Maria Rivans

This is a great combination giclee and silkscreen print in a signed limited edition of 50. Maria Rivans creates her surreal worlds from scavenged vintage printed material ranging from 1890 to 1970. These combine with her eclectic artistic influences from Hyronimus Bosch to Jeff Koons to form her unique style. The colours in this particular print were influenced by the bizarre Technicolor film process used in Hitchcock's amazing film Rear Window.Click these words to find similar printsGiclee Silk Screen Prints Limited Edition Colourful Buy Art, Pay Later Contemporary Art Portrait  Weird and Wonderful

Marilyn Medusa By Trafford Parsons from Trafford Parsons at art republic Free Worldwide Shipping
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Marilyn Medusa By Trafford Parsons

Trafford Parsons' extraordinary and long-spanning career has made its mark on the art world. Avowedly anti-establishment, Parsons work mines popular culture, from B movies to B sides, and brings an energetic street-art aesthetic to the familiar icons that haunt his work. 'Marilyn Medusa' takes Warhol's iconic screen print and merges it with one of the Ancient Greek's most enduring myths: that of Medusa, that snake-headed gorgon. Gone are Marilyn's gentle waves of golden locks, replaced with a vicious hive of slithering snakes, their open, fanged jaws thrust towards the viewer. A beautiful fusion of cultural iconography, 'Marilyn Medusa' is first and foremost an exercise in bold, visual impact, which Parson's has achieved with brilliant and easeful artistry.

Memento Mori 99 By Carl Moore from Carl Moore at art republic Free Worldwide Shipping
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Memento Mori 99 By Carl Moore

Digital artist Carl Moore produces an aesthetic like no other: revelling in the uncanny, Moore's prints are an exercise in contemporary surreality, achieved to extraordinary success. Merging the playful with the tragic, the absurd with the endearing, Moore produces highly graphic images, bold in their colour and compositional technique. 'Memento Mori '99' is no exception: against a bright turquoise, star-studded, background, a classic '99 ice cream dominates the frame, complete with melting drips, coursing down the cone. Yet, in true surreal fashion, Moore confounds our expectations: a closer look reveals not a deliciously whipped, frozen treat, but a human skull, its teeth biting over the edge of the cone, a flake protruding from its cranium, while a red splatter (strawberry sauce? or something a little more ominous...?) drips towards its sunken eye sockets. Certainly not your average '99 - and not your average screen print either: Moore's work is brilliantly unique and devilishly spirited.

Exotic Harlem By Toasters from Toasters at art republic Free Worldwide Shipping
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Exotic Harlem By Toasters

Three artists, one Toaster image: Toasters is at once art collective and urban project, harnessing the modern, street trope of anonymity to strengthen the impact of its visual concept. A charmingly simple stencil, the image has been repeated since 1999 all over the world, on stickers and posters, banners, street corners, music festivals, sports stadiums, museum walls - even on toasters, for some real meta action. 'Exotic Harlem' depicts the iconic image repeated along a diagonal line which cuts across the centre of the print. Black and white toasters seem to tumble, surrounded by the ghostly silhouettes of other, identical toasters, in flat shades of bright orange and turquoise, while hard pink and white lines intersect to create an almost abstract pattern, brimming with a sense of motion and dynamism, for a visually arresting piece of contemporary art.

Man Falls By Charming Baker from Charming Baker at art republic Free Worldwide Shipping
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Man Falls By Charming Baker

If contemporary artist Charming Baker can count Damien Hirst amongst his fans, there can be no doubt that this is a man of great talent. But don't just take Hirst's word for it: Baker's esoteric prints do all the talking, with their offbeat subjects, extraordinary execution and unique aesthetic. His work is best known for its relationship with destruction: Baker often damages his pieces by drilling, cutting, occasionally shooting at, and often defacing them in some way, to question the precious valuation of art in contemporary culture. 'Man Falls' depicts a smudged but detailed painted image of a jockey, mid fall from his white and chestnut coloured mare. Baker has mixed up mediums, creating a textured, woven background, that seems at sections to intersect with the oil painting, while adding depth with thin golden lines that stretch towards the horizon point. The layered materials clash in a way that confounds expectation, as the lines of abstraction, pasted onto the figurative sketch, transform the traditional image. It may not an easy piece to read but, in the words of Hirst: "who cares? Charming Baker's paintings are great."

V By Ben Eine from Ben Eine at art republic Free Worldwide Shipping
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V By Ben Eine

Originally a writer, Ben Eine is now one of London's most prolific artists, specialising in typographical art. The archetype of contemporary UK street-art, Eine's '21st Century City' was famously gifted to Barack Obama by David Cameron in 2010, and can be seen daily on his canvas of choice: the walls and shutters of the streets of London. His work is a celebration of font and graphics - of the shapes, curves, colours and lines, and the beauty therein. 'Letter V' presents the twenty-second letter of the English alphabet in Eine's signature font: beautifully decorative, contrasting angular, striated sections, with bouncy curves in a harmonious mix of bright orange, sunshine yellow, light teal, and berry purple. Set against an inky-black background, 'Letter V' is a striking celebration of humanity's greatest tools: art and language.

Love Rabbit - Birds By Penelope Kenny from Penelope Kenny at art republic Free Worldwide Shipping
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Love Rabbit - Birds By Penelope Kenny

'Love Rabbit - Birds' features two Resplendent Rabbit-Birds of Paradise one pink and one blue facing each other on a flowering branch. They are a combination of a rabbits head with the body and ling tail of a bird of paradise. Their positioning suggests the shape of a heart creating a delicate and romantic atmosphere. Penelope Kelly explores the animal world through a magic realist lens in her bewitching prints. Fascinated by evolutionary processes and the effect of genetic manipulation technologies, Kelly's prints are part Darwin-esque illustration, part surrealist fantasy, for a stimulating and compelling aesthetic.

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