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Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate - Grey - Size L: 88 × 78 × 64 cm (L x W x H) by Trixie from zooplus

Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate - Grey - Size L: 88 × 78 × 64 cm (L x W x H)
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The Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate - Grey is an excellent safety accessory for when you need to take your dog on a car journey. The sturdy, solid dog crate is made from aluminium, which also makes it very light, and the solid construction minimises any rattles en route that you may have experienced when using other dog crates. The high back and side walls help to keep the boot area of your car clean and are easy to keep hygienic. The front bars and bars in the upper rear wall have a wide spacing so there is plenty of ventilation and your pet can look out of the back window. The box has sloping front and rear walls which means that it fits perfectly in most boot spaces and the door on the sloping front has a strong safety lock. For added stability, the dog crate is equipped with Velcro straps to fix it to the boot space. There is also a thermal mat to keep your dog warm and comfortable on the move. Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate – Grey at a glance: Dog crate with aluminium frame Safely transport your dog Colour: Walls, roof, floor, plastic: brown Profile and door: champagne (anodised) Lightweight, sturdy and low-noise High, closed sides: solid and easy to clean, for hygiene in the car Barred front door and ventilation slit in the rear wall: for optimal ventilation and so that your dog can see out Slip-proof thermal mat Front door with safety lock mechanism Sloping front and rear: for the best use of space in the car boot Velcro strips on the base ensure that the crate does not slide about whilst you are driving Available in 4 sizes Size guide for Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate - Anti-Slip: S-M M M-L L Total dimensions: L x W x H 50 x 67 x 60 cm 57 x 81 x 63 cm 75 x 72 x 64 cm 86 x 75 x 64 cm Outer roof dimensions: L x W 48 x 42 cm 56 x 54 cm 74 x 44 cm 84 x 48 cm Inner dimensions: L x W (bottom/top) x H approx. 45 x 61/38 x 56 cm approx. 52 x 75/50 x 59 cm approx. 70 x 66/40 x 60 cm approx. 81 x 69/43 x 60 cm Front door opening: W x H approx. 40 x 55 cm approx. 48 x 58 cm approx. 66 x 59 cm approx. 77 x 59 cm Distance from floor to bottom of door: 6cm 6cm 6cm 6cm Wall thickness: 4.5mm 4.5mm 4.5mm 4.5mm Mesh spacing: (Door/back wall) approx. 7 / approx. 8 cm approx. 7 / approx. 8 cm approx. 7 / approx. 8 cm approx. 7 / approx. 8 cm Mesh thickness: (Profile/door) 2.8 / 1.9 cm 2.8 / 1.9 cm 2.8 / 1.9 cm 2.8 / 1.9 cm Angle (lower): 81.5° 81.5° 81.5° 81.5° Angle (upper): 98.5° 98.5° 98.5° 98.5° Thermal inlay: L x W 42 x 59 cm 49 x 74 cm 68 x 65 cm 78 x 68 cm Note: You will need to introduce your pet to the carrier slowly and carefully. Start by leaving the door open and allowing your pet to slowly enter in of its own accord. Then start closing the door and leaving it closed for longer and longer periods of time. Then try taking the pet carrier for a short spin in the car. The carrier should never be used as a punishment but rather be seen by your pet as a safe, positive place. Note: The travel crate must be dismantled if you wish to return it.

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Trixie Aluminium Dog Crate - Grey - Size L: 88 × 78 × 64 cm (L x W x H)