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TUSA Solla Full Foot Fin by TUSA from Simply Scuba

TUSA Solla Full Foot Fin
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These are full foot versions of the open heel Solla fins and uses TUSA's ForcElast and Angled Blade Design technologies to provide great performance and efficient that is not normally available in a standard blade fin. The ForcElast uses a ThermoPlastic Elastomer that is precisely molded into the fin and foot pocket to increase the performance of the fin and increase the energy efficiency to help reduce muscle fatigue from prolonged use. The blade has also been angle at an optimal 20 degrees to maximise propulsion. These full foot fins can be worn with barefeet, for a more comfortable and warmer dive you can wear the Fourth Element Finsock which reduce the chance of blisters, allergic reactions, cutting feet entering/exiting the water and having cold feet when you're in the water.

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TUSA Solla Full Foot Fin