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Only Human? By Rebecca Mason by Rebecca Mason from art republic

Only Human? By Rebecca Mason
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Contemporary artist Rebecca Mason works with neon, exploring the darker side of human nature through the medium of light for a conceptually powerful juxtaposition. In using neon, Mason allows the seediness of the city to seep into the delicacy of her work, which is always centred around typography, offering a slight but profound comment on human existence and emotion. Against a white background, printed repeatedly with the phrase 'human error' like a malfunctioning computer scroll, 'Only Human?' depicts the words 'send help', each letter bent from bright red strips of neon light. Directly below, Mason had printed 'S.O.S' and within the big, black lettering, has included many of the slips and faults that make us only human. Be it bad boys and wrinkles or poverty and abuse, Mason's piece highlights human folly, from the comic to the tragic, to offer a message that is fundamentally life-affirming: a brilliant moment of illumination in an all-too-often dark world. Please note that this is a print only and does not include lights or neon elements.

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Only Human? By Rebecca Mason