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Viper Full Foot Fins - Yellow UK 3.5-4.5 by Oceanic from Simply Scuba

Viper Full Foot Fins - Yellow UK 3.5-4.5
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The Oceanic Viper Full Foot Fins are a lightweight pair of fins with a channel style blade design that offer excellent propulsion for snorkellers and divers without the bulk and weight which makes them perfect for travelling. Raised Side Reinforcing bars provide strength and spring to the blade but also help to contain and control the water as it flows down the length of the blade. The blade itself is made using two materials, a more rigid plastic with ridges to control the flex of the blade and a flexible rubber that allows the blade to form a U shape to catch and channel the water. Vents just below the foot pocket help to reduce stress on the ankle and provide a more efficient kick. Vent / Drain Holes at the end and underneath the foot pocket allow excess water to drain after use and also helps to eliminate a vaccum build up within the pocket that hinders fin removal. Rubber ridges on the underside of the foot pocket offer addtional traction on wet surfaces. Features Flexible Power Thrust Channel directs water off the tip of the blade for improved power and efficiency Power Vents reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade Oversized blade produces increased thrust and propulsion Generous yet streamlined foot pocket Extremely lightweight for increased performance and ease of travel

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Viper Full Foot Fins - Yellow UK 3.5-4.5