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Trek Original Oat Protein Flapjack - 16Bars by Trek from myvitamins

Trek Original Oat Protein Flapjack - 16Bars
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A true staple of the TREK range, the Original Oat Crunch flapjack is a beautifully simple bar making for an awesome snack-fix or speedy breakfast alternative. It's a great fulfilling answer to food cravings or active sport enthusiasts with its crunchy and sweet taste. So why not try one of these classic flapjacks for yourself? The high protein contents surface in the indulgent soya crunchies providing you with a staggered release of energy keeping you fuller for much longer. 10g of protein make up the bar which is 20% more than previously. The Original Oat flapjack is truly guilt-free snacking at its best! * Wheat Free * Gluten free oats * Great with a cuppa! * Transfats free * GM free * Packed with 10g protein * Vegan friendly

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Trek Original Oat Protein Flapjack - 16Bars