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Terra Canis Light 6 x 400g - Turkey by Terra Canis from zooplus

Terra Canis Light 6 x 400g - Turkey
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Terra Canis Light- a new dog food line from Terra Canis! According to a study by the veterinary charity PDSA in 2010, more than a third of dogs in the UK are overweight. The Terra Canis Light menus are calorie-reduced and contain no more than 4% fat. It is recommended for all overweight dogs which need to follow a low calorie, low fat diet. It is made using only lean meat and fruit and vegetables with a low starch content. All ingredients used are of 100% human-grade consumption quality Fruits such as papaya and pineapple contain important enzymes and are good for the digestive system and metabolism. Artichoke leaves are known for their positive effect on high blood lipid levels and the fibres from psyllium husks leave your dog feeling full for longer. Terra Canis Light is a wheat-free, lactose-free complete meal, suitable for all dogs. It is light and very easy to digest. This wheat-free, nutritious dog food is a tasty, low-calorie meal which is ideal for overweight dogs. Terra Canis dog food is a tasty home-cooked-style meal made from natural, premium ingredients. The Terra Canis nutritional concept with its varied recipes is based on the natural feeding habits of your dog. Careful, gentle preparation of fresh ingredients ensures an optimal diet with all the necessary nutrients to keep your pet healthy. Terra Canis dog food is produced by an acclaimed Bavarian butcher using only fresh and high-quality ingredients. This third generation family business has already won many awards and prizes for its products and is one of the best butcher's shops in Munich with a reputation for only using high-quality products. As an EU registered food production company, it is subject to strict veterinary controls, it can only store, process, and sell produce of verifiable human consumption quality. This guarantees that Terra Canis dog food is made using the best premium ingredients. Terra Canis Dog Food at a glance: Meat, fish and other ingredients are freshly processed. The ingredients are of proven human grade quality and sourced in Germany. Terra Canis guarantees that only the ingredients listed are used in the preparation of the food. The gentle cooking process (cold filled then slowly cooked at low temperatures) ensures maximum preservation of the high-quality, natural vitamins, secondary plant substances, minerals/trace elements and proteins. The addition of precisely calculated amounts of organic eggshells and mineral clay ensure an optimal, natural calcium-phosphorus-ratio of 1.3:1.0. Terra Canis consistently avoids the use of bone and animal meal, low grade by-products, fillers, slaughterhouse waste, artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings, artificial anti-oxidants and any kind of chemical additives, binding agents or sugar.The result is an appetising and tasty wet dog food, that tastes home made. Terra Canis Dog Food Ingredients: Muscle meat: provides your dog's organism with high quality proteins and omega-6 fatty acids. This...

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Terra Canis Light 6 x 400g - Turkey