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Monsters of the Universe By Brad Faine by Brad Faine from art republic

Monsters of the Universe By Brad Faine
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This is the second print Brad Faine has produced that is motivated by the bankers and the banking crisis. The first, The Red and the Black, was more general in that it referred to banking on a global scale, this one is more specifically aimed at the personal greed of individual bankers and their cavalier attitude towards other peoples' money. The main forms for this print are World Series poker chips and the implication that bankers treated trading as if they were in a casino. The title refers to the American bankers' self proclaimed epithet 'Masters of the Universe'. The smaller text refers to an alliterated collection of phrases that seemed appropriate to their actions and attitudes- bloated bonuses, legalised larceny and weasel watchdogs. The green background is reminiscent of a traditional poker table, and the main text leaves the viewer to fill in the implied last word- 'There must be a word that rhymes with banker...' Giclee Signed Limited Edition of 50.

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Monsters of the Universe By Brad Faine