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Maxiraw Mass Blitz Strawberry 2.5kg by Maxiraw from Maxishop

Maxiraw Mass Blitz  Strawberry 2.5kg
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Mass Blitz powder is a high quality weight gainer that only includes the pure nutrition that most serious gym goers really desire - a high calorie blend of ultra-fine oats, multi-source protein, maltodextrin and healthy MCT's. With all the focus on a first-class raw nutrition profile, Mass Blitz is economical and can be enhanced by simply adding other raw ingredients to your shake such as Maxiraw creatine powder or Maxiraw BCAAs. Mass Blitz is a quality Maxiraw weight gainer that delivers 340 calories of balanced nutrition per 100g serving when mixed with water - an ideal energy level for the typical weight trainer needing to bump-up calories. However, simply mix with milk, an extra scoop or more protein to boost calories.

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Maxiraw Mass Blitz Strawberry 2.5kg

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