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Maximuscle Mini Promax Strawberry - 454g by Maximuscle from Maxishop

Maximuscle Mini Promax Strawberry - 454g
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The Maximuscle Promax Mini Tub is an advanced whey protein shake ideal for supporting your lean muscle, definition and recovery goals. Promax contains a unique whey protein blend called BioMAX - a high quality source of whey protein naturally containing essential amino acids, BCAAs and glutamine. The 23g serving of BioMAX protein per shake helps you achieve your daily protein requirement should you wish to maintain or build lean muscle. Maximuscle Promax Mini Tub is convenient and perfect for use before and after exercise, helping with recovery and muscle growth stimulation. Packed with 23g of protein per serving of our BioMAX blend of whey proteins which includes whey protein isolate & hydrolysed whey protein, to support gains muscle mass and aid recovery after exercise.

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Maximuscle Mini Promax Strawberry - 454g

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