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Maxifuel Viper Boost x 30 Tablets by Maxifuel from Maxishop

Maxifuel Viper Boost x 30 Tablets
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Viper Boost tablets are a research formulated blend of nutrients designed to boost focus, mental drive and alertness before or during an endurance training session/event. Blended using stimulating caffeine, guarana and L-tyrosine as well as other key ingredients bitter orange peel and L-carnitine for this unique formulation. By including Viper Boost caffeine tablets before a training session or event, it provides you with the optimum amount of caffeine to increase mental alertness and focus without the additional carbohydrate or calories. It also provides vitamin B5 which is a key nutrient involved within energy production and metabolism.

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Maxifuel Viper Boost x 30 Tablets

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