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Impex Hi-Tack Trim It Glue 60 ml from Hobbycraft

Impex Hi-Tack Trim It Glue 60 ml
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Fix a huge range of embellishments to your fabric with Impex Hi-Tack Trim It Glue! You'll be able to secure sequins, pearls, rhinestones, pom poms, braids and more to your materials with ease. Suitable for most fabrics, this fantastic hi-tack glue dries clear and it's safe and non-toxic. Place cardboard or similar inside garment or under fabric for protection. Squeeze a blob of glue smaller than the decoration onto the fabric and press the decoration into place. If the decoration has hole (like a sequin) through it, let the glue squeeze through it to create a mushroom effect and then clean up with soap and water. Allow your work to dry for at least 24 hours before washing it. Gentle hand wash - maximum 30 degrees.60 mlBonds beads, sequins and rhinestonesSafe and non-toxicSuitable for most fabricsImpex Hi-Tack Trim It Glue 60 ml

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Impex Hi-Tack Trim It Glue 60 ml

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