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E - The Dazzle Alphabet By Peter Blake by Peter Blake from art republic

E - The Dazzle Alphabet By Peter Blake
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Godfather of British pop art, Sir Peter Blake, is one of the twentieth-century's most prolific modern artists. Employing an astonishing array of styles and techniques, Blake's work is nothing short of iconic: from the famous 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' album cover - a meticulous collage of cult characters - to his compelling oil painting 'Self Portrait With Badges', Blake has developed a well-established and well-loved style over the last half a century. 'The Dazzle Alphabet - E' is both nostalgic and progressive, referencing Blake's early Pop styles while developing recent experiments in 'the dazzle effect', a WWII aid for vessels in avoiding enemy detection, which Blake has transformed into a unique aesthetic. In this limited edition print, Blake has depicted a yellow letter 'E', composed against bold blocks of colour, which converge and intersect in a kaleidoscopic array of dazzling Pop perfection Also available as a portfolio of 27 prints.

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E - The Dazzle Alphabet By Peter Blake