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Disco Pop Swirly Lollies from A Quarter Of...

Disco Pop Swirly Lollies
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Disco Pop Swirly Lollies - These are so groovy, they just make us want to get our legwarmers on, switch our sony walkmans (walkmen?) on, and have a 70s disco boogy on Blackpool promenade! Stunningly multicoloured fruit-flavour rock lollies that are so beautiful, we can hardly bear to eat them. We love the fact they`re hand-made and hark back to the good old days when one of life`s greatest pleasures was a walk by the seaside while sucking on a rock lolly. Bliss! Each Swirly Lolly comes individually wrapped. - Qty In Order: 8 Lollies

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Disco Pop Swirly Lollies