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Dipped 1 By Jody Thomas by Jody Thomas from art republic

Dipped 1 By Jody Thomas
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Jody Thomas is a Bristol based artist, working since the late 1980s, who ranks amongst the likes of Inkie, Cheo and Bansky. Thomas considers himself an 'aerosol artist' (rather than strictly 'Graffiti'), taking the spray medium to new levels. Drawing inspiration from fashion and film, Thomas creates prints of strong graphic character, often employing a film-noir aesthetic in his female portraiture. 'Dipped' brings together the abstract and the figurative in this image of an untethered hand and wrist, floating across the space of the print. The fingers and half of the hand have been dipped into inky black, creating a sharp line and a dramatic interplay of monochromatic tonality. The image has been rendered in hyper-real style, just a hairs-breadth away from photography but laced with the soft texture of aerosol art. The result is bold, graphic and beautiful: a piece that invites you to simply surrender to its aesthetic charm.

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Dipped 1 By Jody Thomas