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Dark Side of the Moon - Large By CJP by CJP from art republic

Dark Side of the Moon - Large By CJP
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CJP is a contemporary fine artist, living and working in the UK. With a background as an art director and photographer, his current aesthetic reflects the overlap of disciplines: his intricately skilled, original artworks and prints resemble grainy black and white photographs, each one carefully illustrated with painstaking detail and astonishing artistic nuance.‘Dark Side of the Moon’ depicts a soft, black and white illustration of the dark side of the earth’s lunar orbiter, each crater and mountain intricately detailed in pen and ink. Where the moon tails off into thick darkness, a NASA Apollo module can be seen, representing our unquenchable curiosity and desire for discovery. Also referencing Pink Floyd’s seminal album, CJP’s print is full of cultural allusion but, above all else, is an arresting and beautiful triumph of contemporary art.

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Dark Side of the Moon - Large By CJP

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