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Colibri XL By Dan Hillier by Dan Hillier from art republic

Colibri XL By Dan Hillier
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Contemporary artist Dan Hillier merges the old with the new to exquisite effect. Trawling through scraps of Victoriana - from wood cuts to etchings, engravings and anatomical drawings - Hillier layers the up pieces from the past in a digital collage process, producing an entirely unique aesthetic that treads the line somewhere between surrealism and neo-Victoriana. With the hypnotic symmetry of a Rorschach ink blot test, 'Colibri XL' depicts a woman adorned with black and white feathered wings. As if a mirror has been placed down the centre of the image, the woman becomes a Janus-like figure, with two eyeless heads staring hauntingly into the distance, as hummingbirds dance around her opened palms. The mix of stark monochrome and kaleidoscopic composition is breathtaking and powerful: a compelling work of contemporary art.

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Colibri XL By Dan Hillier