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Chromium - 1 Month (30 Tablets) by Myvitamins from myvitamins

Chromium - 1 Month (30 Tablets)
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What is Chromium? Chromium is a mineral that our bodies use when digesting food. Chromium can also aid the transfer of blood sugar to cells in order for them to use it as fuel. Taken regularly, these tablets are a convenient way to enhance glucose metabolism. Why use Chromium? myvitamins Chromium tablets are a vegetarian and vegan-friendly supplement that can help to regulate the levels of glucose in your blood. Usually found in meats and shellfish, many of us have low levels of Chromium in our diets. Who can benefit? myvitamins Chromium tablets may be particularly useful for those who are looking to increase their Chromium intake, particularly due to dietary restrictions.

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Chromium - 1 Month (30 Tablets)