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Ceplac Dental Disclosing Tablets 12 Tablets by Endekay from eChemist

Ceplac Dental Disclosing Tablets 12 Tablets
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Ceplac Disclosing Tablets; are easy to use and should be used as part of a regular dental regime. Endekay Disclosing Tablets help identify the plaque on your teeth and will show up the areas you need to clean more carefully. Plaque is an invisible film of bacteria and sugars on the surface of your teeth, which produce acid that causes tooth decay. Endekay Ceplac Disclosing Tablets contain a dye which stains the plaque bright red, so look in the mirror and get to work on a clean healthy mouth! Endekay Disclosing Tablets are used by dentists and are ideal at helping to perfect brushing techniques by highlighting where you need to brush more carefully to remove the plaque.

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Ceplac Dental Disclosing Tablets 12 Tablets