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C3P0 Wanted By Trafford Parsons by Trafford Parsons from art republic

C3P0 Wanted By Trafford Parsons
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Trafford Parsons' extraordinary and long-spanning career has made its mark on the art world. Avowedly anti-establishment, Parsons work mines popular culture, from B movies to B sides, and brings an energetic street-art aesthetic to the familiar icons that haunt his work. 'C3P0 Wanted' depicts the iconic, Star Wars humanoid, reimagined in the style of a late nineteenth century, Wild West 'wanted' poster. Creating a fusion of different times and genres, Parsons consciously puts his work in dialogue with the writing of 20th century, Russian scientist Isaac Asimov, whose research on robots has influenced his aesthetic. Printed by hand, in iridescent gold ink, the print is a truly stunning work of contemporary art.

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C3P0 Wanted By Trafford Parsons