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Bolin Webb Men's R1 Razor - S Monza Red by Bolin Webb from The Hut

Bolin Webb Men's R1 Razor - S Monza Red
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The Bolin Webb Men's R1 Razor in S Monza Red is a smooth, hygienic razor that will allow you to achieve a close and comfortable shave. With a lacquered metal handle and a bacteria-resistant rubber underside for a comfortable grip, this stylish razor will accept Gillette Mach3 blades. - L.M. Features: Bolin Webb Men's R1 Razor Lacquered metal handle Bacteria-resistant rubber underside for grip and hygiene Accepts Gillette Mach3 blades Easy to clean and maintain Sculpted, elegant design Presented in a high quality box

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Bolin Webb Men's R1 Razor - S Monza Red

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