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Basswood Sheet 0.15 x 7.62 cm from Hobbycraft

Basswood Sheet 0.15 x 7.62 cm
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For the adventurous crafter, Basswood is a flexible material in the hobbyists world, with engrossing possibilities such as carvings, paintings, educational projects and more!As an economical material, this wood is perfect for beginners and intermediates. Paint, burn, stain and stencil, this wood can be with a craft knife (if thin enough) and is soft enough for a saw.Whats more, you can paint and varnish this wood to make it look like another, as well as giving a showy finish thats long-lasting, durable and light to the touch.Size: 0.15 x 7.62 x 61 Centimetres (Approximately 1/16 x 3 x 24 Inches.)Ideal for wood and model projects.Can be cut with a craft knife or with a saw, depending on size.Basswood Sheet 0.15 x 7.62 cm

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Basswood Sheet 0.15 x 7.62 cm