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Bambi (NO) By Ceal Warnants by Ceal Warnants from art republic

Bambi (NO) By Ceal Warnants
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Contemporary artist Ceal Warrants depicts life's darker side, through images of childish innocence and naivety. An uneasy blend, Warrants' work questions the saccharine nostalgia of childhood remembrances, to create a thought-provoking and visually powerful aesthetic. 'Bambi (No)' depicts a small boy, decked out in 1950s style attire, crouching with a baby deer beneath a small, colourful rainbow. The image is almost an Eden of youth, save for the rifle strapped to the boy's back: an unexpected and unsettling detail, which complicates the vision of innocence. Beautifully illustrated and filled with charm, 'Bambi (No)' is a compelling a piece of contemporary print work.

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Bambi (NO) By Ceal Warnants